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  • The Best Back Link Building Service is NOT
    An Honest Review PSA: DO NOT USE RANK CREW IF YOU VALUE YOUR SITE. Sure, there's a lot of SEO and SEM companies out there that "claim" they're good. Some of them are... if you're willing to pay good money. RANK CREW ( IS NOT ONE OF THEM. If you want your site to drop it's rank in the SERPs quickly, then go ahead... but don't say we never warned you! They're work is just as shoddy as the "SEO Specialists" on They promise better rankings from backlinks from high PR/DA websites... They say they'll get you authority…
    Written on Monday, 04 April 2016 09:15 in Web
  • How To Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer
    How To Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer When people stay on your site longer, it can drastically increase chances for interaction, getting a lead, increasing conversions or making a sale and earning higher commissions. You should have a strategy in place that will help keep readers on your site longer for every page or post. There should be specific elements that are strategically placed to help your visitor interact with your site and accomplish a goal you want them to take. Visiors usually come to a website with a specific goal in mind. A successful site owner will understand the majority of what people want when they…
    Written on Monday, 21 March 2016 11:00 in Web Read more...
  • Are You Throwing Your Money Away On Fiverr?
    Are You Throwing Your Money Away On Fiverr? Let's Face It: $5 Gigs is sure enticing! BUT... You're Throwing Money Away. Let me just ask you: What would you do for $5? Not much, right? Fiverr had a really good idea with the idea that people could buy and sell services for just $5, but there are very few actual $5 Fiverr gigs - most require an upsell to get anything that "could" be worthwhile. The ones that are aren't very good either. Sure, you might be able to find a "diamond in the rough", but you'll go through a lot of money trying to find that one…
    Written on Monday, 21 March 2016 10:21 in Daily Journal Read more...


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Making Money Online is pretty easy.

You don't have to have a lot of knowledge to do it. I've been creating websites for over 10 years with very little idea how to code. I just know the basic HTML tags and anything else I need to know, I look up on Google. The beauty of making money online is that it happens even when you're sleeping, and for me, that's perfect. I do the work and then watch the money come in.


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how to be awesomeFive Ways To Be Awesome

Want to be awesome? Awesome doesn't just happen for most people. Awesome is something that you lean over time by seeing cool things that other people do that you like and admire in them. It's not copying in my book, but rather, it's the process of making yourself better to be better.


tumblr logo white blue 256How To Make Money On Tumblr

Ive seen a ton of people asking the same question. I've seen it all over the forums, on Quora and in many feeds that I have. "How Can I Make Money On Tumblr?" Usually there is some kind of financial crisis that the person is in, and they want to know if it's really possible to make money online fast. The Quick answer is yes. Here's the way I do it.


amazon associates squareIntro to Amazon Associates

I've sold Amazon products as an affiliate now for three years. In December 2015, I made over $8000 for that month alone. Normally, I'll make between $6000 or $7000 on top, and some as low as $1000. The real bonus is that when the commissions drop, it's like I just got an extra month or two of pay.